My Blue Ray Being Is Integrating With Me

My Blue Ray Being which is not my soul, Spirit or Light body is seeking to integrate with my physical self now. I have seen my Blue Ray Being Light with my physical eyes for almost a year now as it has made itself known to me when I see it shinning off my body and in my bedroom before I go to sleep in my darkened bedroom. It has always appeared over my head, on my bedposts and in the corner of my room as a very bright, fluorescent colored, bluish tinged light that just appears and then goes away.

I have accepted this this is my Light realm self coming to integrate with my physical self. I am becoming all that I really am as an integrated Being on Earth. Why is this important to you? It is important to you because your Higher nature, your soul, your Spirit is seeking to integrate with you now. This is happening on a global scale and it is imperative that you allow a soul merge with your physical body and become a conscious, soulful Being now. This is the new energy on Earth now. The egocentric vibrations are gone. They are no longer in play even though their shadow vibrations continue to cast their reflection on human behavior.

The time of the soulful human is at hand. You cannot continue as an ego-based being any longer. Allow your soul to merge with you. As I am integrating my Blue Ray Beingness to a greater degree to achieve full integration, so you must call your soul to merge with you.

There is no more time to waste in fear, doubt, hesitation and dis-belief. The Earth and all who are on it are moving up the evolutionary scale of soul consciousness. Anything less will not be tolerated. Look around the Earth and see how people are changing from not accepting bullying to no longer tolerating sexual abuse to many other major changes in consciousness.

Get on the bandwagon or you will be left behind.


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