I am Just Playing A Role

I am just playing a role here in this Earth-plane Matrix as a persona/psyche/ego which has behind it, the real me. Who and what is this real me? The real me is my quintessential awareness that is ever-lasting, does not die and seeks to ever expand in its Cosmic arc of a spiritual journey across infinity. A mouthful, yes, but a revelation nonetheless. What is it’s meaning?

It’s meaning is simple yet profound and that is to see beyond the confines of  the roles you play in your human format so as not to be constricted by belief systems that do not serve your growth. It is a way of not allowing the collective consciousness to limit you with its so-called socially acceptable belief systems that constrain you in a narrowly defined perspective of saying you are limited. You are not limited. You are an unlimited awareness that stands behind the creation of your persona/psyche/ego so that you may realize that your humanity is spiritual.

You learn from the role you play and the role you play informs your awareness. One is not more important than the other. Being human is being Spirit in another form and being human is not less than your spiritual component.

Spirit does not ask you, the human part of it, to bow down to it. You are equal to Spirit. To understand that you are simply playing a role is to understand that you are taking on a play, you are playing like an actor plays a role and that role is for your edification. The role you play in life is illusive. What is not illusive is your awareness. To stay cognizant of the awareness behind the illusive role you play is the key to understanding who you really are. Who you really are is not the role you play but the awareness that creates the role.

My suggestion is to play your roles in life with both absolute seriousness AND absolute abandon. Let the voice of your awareness speak to you in times of role change, role reversal, role prevarication and role abandonment.

You are just playing a role. Remember that.


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