Happiness Is An Inside Job

”Happiness comes from being, not having.” While it is nice to have what you desire in life from money to great health, it is not things that bring happiness, it is not in having a material thing that brings lasting inner happiness. Happiness comes from being. What does that mean?

When you are being something, you experience it rather than think it. Experience is the feeling of a thing not the intellectualization of it. Having a thing is fine but having is illusive because the ego is never satisfied. You always want to have more and in the end you find yourself wanting. When you believe that having is the secret to inner happiness, you end up spiritually bankrupt because you eventually see that there’s nothing there.

Having the experience enriches the soul and expands the soul’s awareness. This awareness of experience, in having had it, in evolving upward is the sense of being that creates inner happiness. Your soul growth is palpable and connects you with higher ideals that in the end make you happy to achieve, happy to be alive.

This happiness is inside you and is a feeling all your own. It is a feeling that energizes ALL your bodies: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. You feel bouyant, vital, excited, enthused, safe, secure and confident. These feelings are what inner happiness creates. These feelings do not come from things. Things bring a momentary false sense of security to the ego and there is nothing wrong with that as long as you don’t identify with it as true happiness because it is not. Having things is surely much better than being without things. The concept here, however, is to not get attached to things as your happiness. The concept is to cherish your experiences in making you feel loved and alive.

To me, walking the experiential path where I feel deeply is superior to any material thing that I amass. I have material things and I enjoy them but I do not make them the be all and end all of my existence. Things have their place in my life and that place is where I keep them. That place is the place of nonattachment. I love them but they don’t own me, they ARE NOT ME AND I DON’T IDENTIFY WITH THEM AS WHO I AM. See what I mean?

Don’t allow your ego to fool you into a false sense of security. What’s truly real is not material in nature. Inner happiness is an is-ness not a thing-ness..


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