Thursday, November 2, 2017

”God Is Man Minus Ego”

God is man minus ego. As much as people desire to personify God, to make God have human emotions and qualities, God is not human, has no human qualities, has no ego and is not a diety. God doesn’t think like a human. God just is. God is a Force, a consciousness that is in everything including humans. Humans tend to personify everything including their pets by giving them names. God has no name, cannot be named as much as humans try.

Humans are a piece of God. We humans carry the Force, the consciousness of God within us. This same consciousness is in everything. What separates us from being the God conscious Force that we are is our ego. It tells us not to believe we are God. It creates distractions to our connection to God like saying we have to go through some avatar in order to know God. Humans can and do know God directly and this is what is called direct experience and not some idea, ideation, belief or thought of God. You cannot think God. God is felt.

When we have direct experience of God, we get out of our human ego and connect with God in everything including ourselves. When we realize that God is in everything, we have the experience of God in every aspect of our lives including food, people, trees, animals, the wind, water, etc.

God is in everything. We are part of that. Resist the ego’s desire to make God human in terms of someone or thing better than you, someone who is higher than you, some sort of diety you bow down to. That is ego, not God.

God cannot and does not hate. Get that through your ego’s awareness.

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