Ego, on the spiritual path, on the spiritual journey? Indeed. From my being human and experiencing my ego over the arc of my spiritual path and journey, I have discovered that ego is just a thought construct, a very deep and strong one but a construct nevertheless.  Humans actually believe it’s real. What does this signify for our spiritual self? It signifies that our Soul/Spirit can manifest and take on an ideational identity construct in order to know itself in a physical way of  that identity. The ego also informs Spirit, teaches Spirit about the vissitudes of the human experience. Ego is meant to inform Spirit, not to dominate it, not to replace it.

The issue with ego is that it can dominate and consume our human experience when we allow it. Ego can make us believe that it is all there is and have us identify with it as if it is real. It is not real. It’s a puff of air, a thought. The ego is a mind construct put forth by Soul/Spirit in recognition of its singularity. It is not meant to be the sole identity of who human beings are. Ego is only a reminder that you are Spirit having a human experience and experiences come and go. With that perspective, I know how to deal with my ego when it wants to dominate me. I parent it.

May I encourage you on this Thanksgiving Day to renew your relationship with your ego by seeing it for what it truly is: Spirit talking to itself and giving itself a sense of self for the purpose of navigating a lower density world.

Leave your ego dominance out of the Thanksgiving equation.


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