Depth Of Feeling

From what I am experiencing in myself and with others, the next evolutionary, quantum jump in humankind is happening right now and it is with the ability of humans to feel. Being an ultra-sensitive, hyper-Empath, I live every day with a depth of feelings that seems to go way beyond what many humans allow themselves to experience. I find that most humans have no feelings or they are very shallow.

This time of great evolution in humans involves feeling more deeply and those with no feelings or shallow feelings are having a most difficult experience. Just take a look around the planet at the behavior of humans. They are not able to handle this great leap in feelings as they are not aware of what’s going on, especially inside of them.

My suggestion is to start training yourself to feel by facing your feelings, deal with them on an every day basis and see what they are communicating to you and seeing what they want you to do. If they are negative, fearful, murderous, angry and tortured, it is the time to explore what’s behind them and work to release them not by harming yourself or another but by doing those practices that alleviate them in a proactive way. If you cannot effectively handle your feelings, seek assistance from qualified counselors and therapists. I speak now in the so-called range of normalcy not clinically diagnosed conditions.

If you don’t feel very much in your life, listen to the whispers of your feelings, good or so- called bad and allow them to play within yourself.

Having very deep feelings will not make you go crazy when you practice dealing with your feelings. You may get anxious and if you do, I suggest you practice the art of deep breathing and loving detachment. Start loving yourself for what you feel but do not harm.

The new human is a human with a great depth of feeling. I was born this way as were many others. The new Day is dawning of the new feeling human controlling the planet. The heartless bastards are going bye bye. Adios.


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