Death Is Stalking Me

For the last several months, Death has shown itself to me up close and personal. First, it was the 58 people killed in Las Vegas where I live, then a very close friend and associate suddenly died, then my brother’s husband of 45 years died, then I was in NYC when a terrorist killed 8 people. Now the murderer in the Texas church.

I was waking to my car at the South Strip bus terminal in Las Vegas after visiting my son in LA on Monday night and I thought I saw and felt someone right behind my left shoulder and when I looked, I could perceive a figure there but as I stopped and turned around, no one was there. I realized then that death was stalking me. What is this about?

I perceive that death is my ally and has not yet tapped me on my left shoulder to die. It has not come for me yet. It is teaching me how to live. Death is a powerful ally and is not a power ally to take for granted. It is an ally to greet with great respect and to appreciate it’s teaching which is to engage in life as deeply as you can.

It’s lesson is to not take life for granted. It tells me to live in the now and be happy for what you have and not cry for those who have died. Rejoice in the experiences you had with those who are no longer here and move on to living in the here and now.

I come into life; I go into life. There is no death. Death is indeed stalking me but not as a boogie man. It is befriending me. I am not in fear. I shake death’s hand.


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