“Cynicism doesn’t allow us to make drastic changes in our understanding of the world. It also forces us to feel that we are always right.” Don Juan Matus

Cynics see the world as distrustful as if that which is promised in life just isn’t going to work out. It is the ultimate in separation consciousness that says we humans are separate from Spirit, that everything is out there and that there is no in here. No in here says that you must blame that which is outside of you for your failures rather than trusting yourself that you are empowered to make changes in your understanding of the world and have an open mindedness that you could be wrong.

To me, a cynical view of life is wrong-headed in that it gives away our power to outside forces rather than admit responsibility for the force you are and to use that force to create, express and manifest.

Don’t relinquish your inherent ability to be the creator, expressor and manifestor of your world and life as many cynics admonish you to do. Cynical people are just on a low level of awareness. They don’t trust in Spirit. They don’t trust in themselves.

Cynicism is in direct opposition to the spiritual value that says “all is well” and that you are the holder of the keys to your life and not some outside thing, person or force. Once you see that you create your life, you alone, you will drop any cynical attitude and take responsibility for your actions.

Cynicism is born of the false notion that there is death. There is no death. There is only everlasting life. Life is a continuum. It is NOT you die and the lights go out. No light goes out. Take responsibility for your light. That’s the true antidote to cynicism.


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