You Create Yourselves

You create yourselves, that you create your reality by your thoughts. Your thoughts create feeling in you and with those feelings you see and experience your reality. Your entire world is a feeling. What we call the collective consciousness is a collective agreed upon feeling of humanity that our reality should be a certain way. It’s an agreement.

Most humans believe, in a gullible fashion, that some thing is creating their reality when it is them not that some thing. That some thing does not say how your reality should be. Let’s call that some thing God for this discussion. God has created the tools of human reality and it is up to humans how to arrange, shape and manipulate that reality as they so desire. God doesn’t care how humans arrange their reality. Humans have free will.

Humans, take back your power by realizing that you shape your reality with your thoughts and not some thing else. The power is in you not out there somewhere, in you!

We can bend our reality to our will. Most people have been so brainwashed to be disempowered, to give their power away and allow someone else to create their reality. I am talking about reality as in everything in people’s reality including other people, job, money, home, security, location, food, education, War, weather, health, longevity, everything.

Humans are sorcerers who can shape shift their reality. Instead, they act like victims praying that someone will save them. Insane!!!

You create yourselves. The first step is going from thinking your experience to creating direct experience. For example, instead of the storybook notion of love and thinking you need someone to love you, have the direct experience of love by being love in every moment. Be the force of love. Ideation vs direct experience. Fake vs authentic. You choose. There is no savior or magic pill.


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