What Do I Do As An “Old Soul”?

I am an old soul. A lot of people wonder about the description, “Old Soul” and what it truly means. My discovery and perception of my own “Old Soul” is that, in human terms, all souls are “old” in that they have been around a while. Just because the soul has been around does not make it an “Old Soul” as I and many others experience. The kind of “Old Soul” I am referring to is the mature and aware soul who has learned from and allowed deeper soul awareness from the many lifetimes that soul has incarnated in.

The “Old Soul” is the Wisdom Keeper soul who sews seeds of light on the carpet of linear time, not even knowing that it will also be harvesting those exact mature plants of wisdom as it returns in a subsequent life. This “Old Soul” has made soul corrections in many lifetimes and is now a sort of master soul. There are souls who don’t expand their awareness as much in life, they don’t make their soul correction. They are progressing at their own pace as we all do. The “Old Soul” is not higher, better or greater. This is a soul who is simply of an expanded awareness from its learning from all the lessons it faced in body and is now an Ascended Master. These are souls who have a high consciousness.

I am one of these old souls and I have met these old souls whether in body or not. What you will find old souls mostly involved with is Love. What I mean is that they know how to use the Force of Love consciously. Yes, old souls are God conscious. They know they are God and they know God is a Force not a diety.

What do I do as an “Old Soul”? I Love All There is.


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