Ultra-Sensitive Empath

I experience my life as an ultra-sensitive Empath. As such, I have been willing and able to go beyond humanity's collective consciousness to new and higher consciousnesses. I have felt into humanity's religions, morals, standards, treatment, War, greed, killing, educational systems, Love, kindness, intolerance, tolerance, etc. I have done this not as a rejection of society's mores and structure as I live within and adhere to them. I have gone beyond society's structures because I have experienced them and am now onto new experiences. I have simply gone beyond.

Let me give you an example. I no longer participate in morality in that through my sensitivity, I have perceived that there is no right and wrong. For me, now, there is only being impeccable. What that means is that I no longer need the codes of society to tell me how to behave toward another. My impeccability tells me how to treat others and that is with no harm, with compassion, with Love. This is not morality. It is impeccability. There is a difference and the difference is that I don't need a dual structure to help me know the difference between right and wrong. I no longer need to experience wrong to know what right is. I live impeccably where I behave at the highest standards of no harm, compassion and Love. I am in unity consciousness not in duality or polarity. See what I mean?

To further explain; when I experience societal and natural upheaval, I do not go into fear, hate, angst, blame, revenge, anger, etc. I go into my Spiritual hierarchy reality, my ultra-sensitive empathy and see that the event, no matter how terrible, is meant to uplift the consciousness of humanity, of the Earth. It is meant to change the vibrational reality for the better even though it looks so horrible on the ground.

This is not an easy place to be in or to maintain. My sensitivity feels all the pain. My heart hurts. Yet, I have an awareness that perceives beyond societal perceptions and I am able to see the true nature and reason for so-called terrible human tragedies.

It is hard for most to fathom. I can assure you that it is not amoral, immoral, sociopathic or psychopathic. It is impeccable where I feel deeply yet live in loving-detachment that can perceive, can feel, beyond the normal pale of suffering while I can feel the suffering too.

This place that I now exist in is a place of great harmony, great balance and great calm. When I am knocked off balance; I always come back to center.

You are going there.


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