Trust...How To Have People Hang Onto Yours

Most of us trust. Many of us get burned. Humans aren’t perfect, forgive them. That being said, I have found out how to hang onto trust, to be trusting and associate with those I can trust. The following are my tried and true steps in being trustworthy in myself and what I look for in others:

1. Be trusting.

2. Show credibility.

3. Show sensitivity.

4. Listen to others, listen to yourself.

5. Be there for others.

6. Be a thought leader.

7. Lead by example.

8. Love yourself too.

I have found these qualities in myself and they have made me trustworthy. I look for these qualities in others before I develop intimate relationships with them based on trust. They are not foolproof and neither am I. Again, humans are imperfect. There will be disappointment. Having people hang on to your trust is about hanging onto your own. Do you trust yourself?


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