"There's No Such Thing"

From my experience of stepping onto my own wisdom path, it has led me to more esoteric awareness in using realities like reincarnation, Tarot, astrology, numerology, spirituality, karma, divination and so much more. Using these forces has also helped me keep an open mind to all ideas and disciplines. As I listen to other's ideas outside my own, and consider them, I notice that when I ask what they think about such metaphysical realities, i.e. mention reincarnation, most people respond with, "there's no such thing."

What I realize is that these esoteric concepts are not everybody's bag. Not everyone is open to, aware of and believes in reincarnation, things like that and they simply will not consider it. End of story. That's fine. I respect their ideas, I recognize that they are just not aware of these things yet. What's odd to me is that they are so quick to say, "there's no such thing." With that statement, they tell me there is absolutely no consideration on their part of what may be a new concept for them. Should I ask them, "What about...," and go down a list of metaphysical ideas and see which one they agree with?

What is my response? I shut up and let it be. There is no reason for me to be contrary or argumentative because I have nothing to prove. I have experienced the above esoteric realities as being true and valid for me and that's all that matters to me. I continue to be open to the naysayers and stay open to learning from them. If I behave like them and say "there's no such thing" regarding their beliefs, I close myself off from states of mind that led to to my current awareness: open mindedness and curiosity.

I always listen to people. Always. I always consider people's ideas. When people say "there's no such thing," I realize they're saying there's no such thing for them. I agree. There IS no such thing for them.

I respect their spiritual understanding, their spiritual path, their spiritual journey. I lead by example in showing them my openness to their ideas and my willingness to accept them as is.


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