The Spiritual Path

Our physical avatar, that is, our human complex, enjoys connection with our soul on purpose and is on a spiritual path during its particular incarnation. Throughout a soul's continuum, from life to life, it is on a spiritual journey as it gathers greater awareness from its spiritual paths.

Here is some advice on how to treat your spiritual path:

1. Turn all mishaps into the path.

2. Drive all blames into one.

3. Be grateful to everyone.

4. See all confusion as Spirit and practice emptiness.

5. Be good, avoid evil, appreciate your lunacy, pray for help.

6. Whatever you meet is the path.

This advice is meant only to make your spiritual path more facile and not to take its place. All must walk their spiritual path but it does not have to be with suffering, it can be with grace.

How you walk your individual spiritual paths, you singular lifetimes, determines the tenor and caliber of your spiritual journey.


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