The Best Thing You Can Do To Grow As A Person

The best thing I have done to grow as a person is to do life reviews every so often. My spiritual guides kept admonishing me to do a life review and I resisted for a while. When I finally sat down and seriously did a life review, it was a quantum leap in maturing my persona, in better understanding my self, my life. I've grown and learned from my life reviews. I took inventory of my life, taking stock of where I've been, what I've learned and how these are valuable lessons, valuable assets for my today and tomorrow. It taught me to release life patterns that weren't serving my highest good.

I give you the prescription for a life review with the understanding that it's not for everybody, is a challenging tool to use but in my perception, everybody must at least have the opportunity to consider doing it. It's a powerful tool for change, inner peace, happiness, balance, forgiveness, understanding and enlightenment. If and when you're serious about doing a life review, commit to sitting with yourself for several hours and dig into it. It will be the best thing you ever did.

Life Review:

1. Review where you've been.

2. What you've learned.

3. What patterns you're ready to release.

4. What you're grateful for in your life.

I encourage you to resolve to change and heal anything in your life that's unbalanced. I have done these reviews and they are a Godsend. Be patient with yourself, be true to yourself. Examine your life and your life will show much appreciation, gratitude and thankfulness. It did for me. It will for you.


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