Regain Your Lost Esoteric Knowledge

It is time to regain your lost esoteric knowledge which will help you to the way of Love and Light. Your deeper knowing will lead to your understanding and this brings enlightenment. Begin to allow your “Ascension Skills” to come forth. The following is a list of major “Ascension Skills.”

Before you read these, if you are religious and believe these are blasphemous, then this is not for you.

1. Shape Shifting - the skill to change into another form from a crow to a wolf or anything else.

2. Transfiguration - this skill allows you to youth, that is, to become and stay young.

3. Telepathy - this is a skill of the third eye where you send a beam of pink-gold light to another person. You can actually picture that person and communicate with their thoughts.

4. Bilocation - this skill allows you to maintain consciousness of being in two places at once.

5. Teleportation - this skill allows you to send your four-body system (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) to another location on the planet.

These skills are in everyone. We have been conditioned by society to forget them. We have been made to fear them by religion.

It is time to lose your fear and regain what is yours. It is time to emerge yourself in your Ascension and resurrect your deeper powers. These are sacred skills and not some joke or fake. They are your gifts. Use them accordingly.


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