Nothing Genuine Is Used To Deceive

In my experience with being genuine and relating with genuine people, I never found myself or them using that genuineness, whether in ourselves, what we stood for, what we believed or what we did to deceive ourselves or anyone else. I believe now that nothing genuine is used to deceive. If something genuine is used to deceive, it's not genuine, I'm afraid.

What does genuine mean in the sense being used above? To be genuine is to be authentic, having the reputed qualities or character, possessing the apparent or alleged attribute. You are not fake or counterfeit. You are the real McCoy. It means that who you are is backed up by your thoughts, beliefs, actions, words and they are true and consistent. You are not a phony. You don't say one thing and do another. You are not two-faced. You are real. You do not use anything that is not authentic to move ahead in life. You are the way you are no matter what.

Most of what we see in people today is that they tend not to be genuine and they often use themselves and aspects that are not genuine to deceive others.

Many who are not genuine have tried to use a veneer of genuineness to deceive me and they failed. Why did they fail? They failed because I could feel their inauthentic selves. You cannot fake genuineness so don't try. Just be genuine if you can. If you cannot, just keep maturing if you are aware enough. Faking genuineness is like trying to hide out in the open; it's impossible.


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