“Intending Is The Secret”

“Intending is the secret. There is no technique for intending. One intends through usage.” Don Juan Matus, sorcerer from the books of Carlos Castenada.

Indeed, intending is the secret but the secret to what? From my use and exploration of using intent, the secret of intending is that we humans are intentional beings, that is, we can use this mindful, emotional and soulful force to manifest any reality we desire. We intend, explicitly or implicitly, to bring about a thing and that thing IS brought about. There is no doubt or hesitation.

I have used this force with great success. I know it’s secret. It’s greatest secret lies in its usage in that when we see that it works, that it’s real, we become believers. When we see that our intent works,  that it manifests our desires into our physical reality, it strengthens our skill to intend.

What is the technique for intending? There is no technique as in a methodology but there is a conscious awareness of using your will to guide your intent to becoming a reality in your life. Just intend that which you desire with an unbending attitude, don’t obsess over it, don’t try to figure out how it will manifest. Just relax and feel sure that your intent will manifest. Be confident. These are the behaviors I have found that help intent to manifest.

I am clear on my intent, not confused. I don’t send mixed signals and I don’t feel a lack. I show unbending intent. That is the secret inside intending.

All humans are gifted with the power of intent. My I suggest you open the gift instead of letting it sit there, unappreciated.


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