I Have Chosen To Face Myself

One of the biggest experiences I have had and continue to have in facing myself is what I like to call experiences of embodied enlightenment. This is an agreement that I made with my soul, my Spirit to fully integrate into my awareness all that I am. What ensues from this agreement is an ability to see my Light, to see with my physical eyes the fluorescent white, tinged with blue and purple Light that emanates and surrounds me, that is coming in from the other side.

When I first starting seeing this Light around my shoulders as I shut the lights off in the house before I went to bed, I would be surprised as I thought it was coming from outside the house as in a car’s headlights shining into my house. Then I saw this Light above my head before I went to sleep in my darkened bedroom, on the sides of my bedposts and eventually in the corner next to my bureau. I thought I was being visited by an angel it was so bright.

I finally perceived that this was my Light and that my awareness had grown sufficiently enough for this higher energy of my beingness to reveal itself to me in its effort, I believe, to integrate with me. The appearance of my Light has happened too many times for me to dismiss it. It is real and I have begun the integration of this Light into my mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

I have consciously chosen to have embodied enlightenment. I have chosen to face myself. More of the real me is coming in and I am becoming more of who I am. The result of this integration so far is a deep sense that ALL IS WELL.

Now, I focus on my Light with a feeling of Love. I do not fear, am not worrying nor am I anxious. I’m still human but an angelic human. I am the bringer of the new energies.


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