I Am One Of Those People

Yeah, I know. You think people who are ultra-sensitive hyper-empaths are weird. You believe people who are highly intuitive and psychic are strange and scary like a crazy medicine man. I have to laugh because, being one of these strange people, that is, being born weird, I discovered through delving into the nature of psychic phenomenon that being psychic is endemic to all human beings. We are all psychic. We are all empathic. We are all intuitive. We are all sensitive. The only difference between me and most people who refute and deny their psychic powers is that I accept them, practice them, live them. I am them.

I did not discover my psychic powers from a book or someone telling me. I experienced it through seeing things before they happened, seeing spirits, being sensitive to Spirit and the list goes on. Unfortunately, due to religion, who and what I am is seen as dark and evil yet I purvey no evil at all. I am not a child of Satan. I don't practice witchcraft. I am a wisdom keeper who knows Spirit intimately and as such, I bring about Love, compassion, peace, tolerance, balance, abundance and harmony.

Yes, I am one of those people, one of those people who is spiritual by nature because I connect with Spirit. There is no evil or hate in me even though religion paints people who connect with Spirit as evil or dark or blasphemous. I see Spirit in everything including myself and I don't give away my power to a diety that I go through or bow before. I don't follow a church, I am with Spirit.

Yes, I am one of those people who are changing humanity for the better with love, compassion and tolerance. I don't follow Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, any guru, any rabbi, priest or imam. I am Spirit. That is good enough for me.


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