Here-ness And There-ness

With the  human perception of Spirit, I have found that most of the humans on Earth have allowed themselves to be convinced by religion that Spirit is over there, that is, God is somewhere else in different places like Heaven, in the sky somewhere. Most humans refuse to perceive that Spirit is right here, that is, Spirit, God, is in everything including in humans and God is not human or some kind of deity in the sky!!! God is Spirit and does not think like a all.

What I have discovered is that Spirit, God, is a Force of consciousness, a Beingness endowed in everything from a microbe and an ant to a human and a Galaxy. God is NOT a deity; God is a Force that resides right here, it has here-ness not there-ness. God is me, is in me right here where I am, not outside of me there, where I can point my finger over there like people do when they point their finger up to the sky and say "God is there." When I mentioned this to the religious crowd, they called me blasphemous. I see the religious as blasphemous in their refusal to see God here, with them. They have been brainwashed to give their power away, they have relinquished their self-worth, the self-worth that says they are God.

There is no need to bow down before some figure like a Jesus or a Mohamed or an Abraham or a Buddha. What was in them (Spirit/God) is in you. You are made of God. You are a piece of God.

What is the problem with here-ness for the religionists? The problem with accepting and allowing here-ness, that Spirit is in all of us and that we are a form of Spirit, is in a misguided belief system that erroneously says that there is no Spirit in anything since everything is mechanical. This mistaken view of most of humanity says that Spirit is out there somewhere, where, nobody knows. They call it heaven. So, you have to die to meet God? Not quite. I know. Spirit is here with all of us, is in everything and we are related to Spirit, intimately.

Spirit/God is here, not there. This, my friends, is a quantum leap of faith that must be experienced. When Spirit/God, knocks on your door, will you open it? Will you look into the face of a God? This door I speak of is inside you, not outside of you.


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