“Forget The Self And You Will Fear Nothing”

”Forget the self and you will fear nothing.” Don Juan Matus. Every human has a self-reflection and that reflection is created by the persona/psyche/ego that is a thought construct designed to preserve our identity. We humans fear losing that identity, that self, through death, shock, trauma, betrayal, etc.

What I have discovered is that our identity is based on our self-reflection, our identity as we think about it, the ideation of who we think we are, it’s reflection outward, what we believe from our consistent behavior based on our thoughts, ideas, behaviors, belief systems and upbringing. It’s not that this reflection is false, it’s that it is illusive. What I have found is that when I forget about holding on so dearly to my self-reflection, there is no longer anything to fear losing. In not having anything to fear losing, I fear nothing. Have you ever thought about living without fear and I don’t mean the feeling of caution one has when crossing the street. I am taking about the fear of death, the death of your self-reflection.

Living without fear is an awe-inspiring existence and one in which you live without self-importance, without personal history while living in the moment. You live in the now moment where everything happens, no past and no future. I’m not talking about not having plans or goals or memories. I am talking about not living in those plans, goals and memories.

The idea is to not have a self-reflection that traps you. You live as a Force, a Beingness and not in the illusive ideation of Persona/psyche/ego even though you have those. When you live as a Force, nothing can threaten you and you lose your fear.

When you lose your fear, you don’t imagine things to be fearful of. You realize your true nature is a being who is immortal in that what your true nature is, never dies. Forget the self and discover your true nature.


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