Does America's Violent Gun Culture Stem From Unhappiness?

I listened to Russell Brand comment that America's gun insanity is the result of darkness and unhappiness in the culture. My question for Russell Brand is, what does this darkness and unhappiness stem from in the wealthiest country in the world where we have an insane gun culture that has led to much carnage? I have some answers as well.

My most immediate perception of why Americans are unhappy and filled with darkness and see a need to fill that unhappiness with insane gun laws and mass killings is that their focus is too materialistic leaving them feeling empty and unfulfilled. They come to ask themselves, "Is this all there is?" When they arrive at this place of  unfulfillment, they feel as if they have been lied to and cheated because isn't it all about the American dream?

There's nothing wrong with wealth, money, power, etc., but not as ends in themselves. The meaning of life is not just about more money, more power, more wealth because it does not bring happiness, it brings darkness. Why is this so? If the main concern in life is materialitic without soul, without Spirit, you are missing the essential ingredient of the human experience. If your main preoccupation is making money with no thought of your soul, you are living in darkness because it is your connection with your soul that brings you Light, Love, tolerance, happiness and compassion. Money, power, wealth, gun ownership are only the icing on the cake and not the cake itself. The cake is your soul, your Spirit and you must have those first in order to be truly happy. Connection with your soul is the only and true fulfillment of life, not guns, not money, not wealth, not power. Understand, I'm NOT saying you shouldn't have money, guns, wealth or power. Have them but NOT at the jeopardy of your soul, your Spirit.

My prescription for America's healing is: get back to your soul, your Spirit first and foremost. These will not fail you. Once you have soul and Spirit, you will not be as concerned with guns, with killing, with too much money, with so much wealth, with abuse of power.  Why? The answer is simple: you will no longer see guns, money, wealth, killing and power as the source of your happiness. Your happiness will come from your soul, not just your body.

Enjoy material wealth, America but do not lose your soul, your Spirit. Soul loss is the true darkness Russell Brand is talking about.


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