Contrary Is Not Opposite

Very often, we humans experience contrary things in our lives and feel they are in opposition to what we desire. I have discovered that when things happen in our lives that are contrary to what we want, it is not the opposite of what we want but a time that we are out of balance with ourselves, we lack inner harmony. Things are going awry.

When you see contrary things happening in your life, it is the time to examine what you are thinking and feeling that caused your circumstances to give you a wake up call to get you back on track. Things don’t just happen as if you are a victim of life. You are actually a victor who has given away your power. You and you alone make things happen with your thoughts and feelings. You attract what you are. If your thoughts are imbalanced, as in you think too many fear thoughts, you will be like an animal of prey, a “fear-caller” and you will see things in your life that you will fear which is a form of being preyed upon. When you call fear with your thoughts, it will come.

When things in your life are going wrong, that is, things seem so contrary in your experience, that is the time to sit down and review what you have been thinking and feeling. What has the dominant theme been in your self-talk, what have you been visualizing lately, what are the emotions you have been feeling of late. These are the telltale signs of why your experience is what it is. Your thoughts and emotions are the attractors of your experience. You attract what you are and what you are is based on your thoughts and feelings.

Changing contrary circumstances takes daily effort in closely examining every thought and feeling that you have. For many, this is difficult but required to turn around what is out of balance in your life.

What you tell yourself is very important because what you tell yourself are your beliefs and your beliefs create your reality. If you believe money is the root of all evil, your experience with money will be negative. If you believe money is essentially a positive energy exchange, you will have abundance. It’s that simple but also difficult because you have to change your thoughts and feelings and many people feel trapped in their negativity.

Just remember that your circumstances are what talks to you about where YOU are at. Contrary circumstances are the time to look within yourself, not at someone or something else you can blame. Just remember: contrary = out of balance. If you like chocolate cake, it’s OK to eat it once in a while, not every day. Eating chocolate cake every day will make you sick. It’s the same with thoughts and emotions. Toxic thoughts and emotions are OK once in a while but not every day as emotions are action requiring programs.

When you change your thoughts and emotions, you change your reality.


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