Because Of My Mother And Wife, I Love Women

Both my mother and my wife's names began with the letter M, my mother's birthday was August 23 and my wife's was August 24 and, astrologically, they were both Virgos. The energies I was graced with from these beautiful women taught me how to love, to be Love in all moments and to feel a deep love for all women.

Both my mother and my wife loved me and accepted me for who I am, supported me, helped me, cared for me in so many, many ways while helping my dreamy nature to stay grounded. This care and love I received from them throughout my life is the basis for my love of them and women in general.

My relationships with women have not been perfect, including my relationship with my mother and wife but I have had successful and happy relationships with women all my life and still do. I learned to treat women with love, compassion, consideration, appreciation and gratitude. I never felt the need for a battle of the sexes although there were plenty of ego moments with my mother, my wife and in other relationships as well but they were not about domination, control, approval or judgement. They were about my struggle with maturity. I learned to respect women and show them complete acceptance, complete caring, complete support. I was never afraid of my mother and wife even though they had powerful personas. Their power helped me. I always encouraged and supported them and received the same from them.

They both taught me the meaning of true love. I know it sounds corny but I don't know any other way to express this. For this, I am so grateful, so happy, so appreciative and so thankful.

To me, women are awesome. Thank you.


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