A Warrior’s Connection With Intent

The kind of warrior that I’m referencing here is the spiritual warrior who is aware of the warrior’s connection to Spirit and works with Spirit every day. With the warrior’s intimate relationship with Spirit, he knows that other than Love, one of the greatest manifesting forces he uses is intent. The warrior’s connection with his use of intent is based on the following:

1. Whether his link with intent is “rusty.”

2. His success in cleaning his link with intent.

3. Learning to manipulate intent.

4. Accepting the designs of the abstract.

A spiritual warrior’s connection with intent is based largely on the warrior’s impeccability. The spiritual warrior knows that being impeccable is vital for connecting with intent and is simply the best use of his energy level and calls for the following behavior:

1. Frugality.

2. Thoughtfulness.

3. Simplicity.

4. Innocence.

5. Lack of Self-reflection.

The warrior’s connection with intent is a great connection that gives the warrior great power. This power is not to be played with and that’s why you must be impeccable with it.


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