Wednesday, September 20, 2017

You Are Not An "I;" You Are A We

When you want to help the world, help yourself because you are connected to all beings as the Cosmic Web and when you help yourself by growing your awareness, raising your consciousness, being happy, showing yourself respect and compassion, you help everyone including those off-planet.

If you help just one other person, you have affected the collective of humanity, you have helped the entire human species. WE ARE ALL CONNECTED. How you treat yourself affects all people on this planet.

Your desire to change the planet for the better doesn't have to be grandiose. Start with yourself if you want to change the planet. Start by loving yourself, expanding your awareness, connecting with your soul, being peace, laughing, taking care of your health. These vibratory levels that you put yourself in will affect all humanity like a tuning fork that sends out your vibratory level making others vibrate at your level. See what I mean?

Humanity is a collective like a beehive and how we each are affects everyone else because there is no I in humanity, humanity is a we.

Think about how you are because it does matter to all those around you because you are changing their lives whether you know it or not.

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