When You Feel Fear, Remember, Your Higher Self Is Protecting You

All human beings feel fear. I have found that I can alleviate fear when I remember that my Higher Self is here with me, is guiding me, protecting me and is indestructible. I simply need to accept, believe, acknowledge and Love its presence in my life and know it is as real as anything in my life!

This is asking a lot of a world that lives in a material orientation, as a matter of fact, it's a quantum leap for those who have been convinced that there is no Higher Self or that Spirit is not with us...it's somewhere else...We don't know where but not here with us right now.

Contrary to popular perception, our Higher Self is here with us all the time and connecting with it through meditation is the single best way to overcome any kind of fear, I have found. Our Higher Self is a very powerful force that resides around us just as our mind and emotions reside around us and just as we can tap into thoughts and feelings at will, we can do the same with our Higher Self.

Yes, the Higher Self cannot be seen with the physical senses because it resides beyond their frequency. You have to go to your Higher vibratory levels to reach and perceive your Higher Self. It does not think like a human so don't expect the same thoughts and feelings from your Higher Self as you do from your ego.

Your Higher Self is non-linear, not rational, is all loving, has no sense of time or space, is no nonsense and can manifest at will. It manifested you and your soul.

So, the next time you feel fear of any kind, call on your Higher Self. The second you acknowledge it, it will come to you. I'm right here. No more fear as your Higher Self wraps its spiritual arms around you.


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