What True Feeling Is

True feeling is not emotion. It is not saying you love someone. It is not your love of coffee. It is not your grief. True feeling is empathic as in feeling into. What I'm talking about here is feeling into everything including this reality we live in and believe is real when it's really an agreed upon feeling we are all having. Feeling into means you are feeling what the other thing is and what it's feeling, from animals to the Cosmos to people to the weather. That's true feeling.

What the other thing is as in people who SAY that they love you or SAY they are family but give you a droplet that never quenches your thirst, are devoid of feeling. They are heartless and are pretenders acting out what they think a feeling is, not feeling anything at all.

When I experienced this with friends and family, it was shocking at first. I didn't want to believe it but then I saw it many times in action and was finally convinced of the true nature of feelings. Most people live on the level of not caring. They don't care about feeling, they don't want to feel, they are afraid to feel or they are incapable of feeling whether it's their feelings or others' feelings.

I believe that all people have empathic abilities but many don't want to go to that level of experience because it's deep. It can hurt but it doesn't destroy. It enlivens.

I am suggesting that if you have not already had empathic experiences where you felt into things and I mean everything; try looking at this within yourself and experience what it means to really feel. At first, the heart hurts but then you will get used to it and you won't be overwhelmed. I speak from life experience.

I wouldn't have it any other way!!!


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