Monday, September 11, 2017

The Purpose Of Life Is To Die

The Purpose of life is to die to everything that is false including the societal misguidance that the lights go off when we leave our physical avatar. No lights go off when we die. Death as we understand it is incorrect. Dying is being born. What are we born to?

When we "die" to our physical incarnation, we are still "alive" meaning we still have awareness, still have a sense of ourselves without the sensual aspects of our physical bodies. The experience is like being in a dream that you have at night. When you dream, anything is possible. It is also possible to control your dreams and be the orchestrator of your dreams. When you die, you are your Light body that is not restricted like it is when it is connected to your physical body. The purpose of dying is to remember that your are a Light body, that you are eternal and more awake than when you were in body. It is also to remember that you are never stuck in any role.

It is a shock to all unaware people that when they die, they are still conscious, aware and can have thoughts and don't realize that their physical incarnation has been set aside; they don't realize they are "dead" right away. The reason that the shock is so great is that they have so deeply bought into the social narrative about what death is. Their belief system is so fixed about the dying process that when they discover they are still "alive" it causes a disorientation, a confusion.

Death in the physical is NOT the end of YOU!!! You are really a soul. The physical is the impermanent vehicle, the soul is the permanent vehicle. This is what must be learned and remembered as we continue to incarnate in body after body. Our life is the life of our soul and our body is the vessel our soul manifests for its quick sojourn as an identity of body/mind/emotion/Spirit.

Do not fear death. It is not an end, it is not the end; it is a beginning. It is a beginning of remembering and then realizing who and what you really are: a spiritual being who incarnates for the joy of experiential learning with the accent on the joy.

We are Spirit, not human. Human is a format not a reality.

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