Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Issue Of Being A White Spectral Wizard

White Spectral Wizard is my Cosmic signature. For me, the aspect of myself that I have both consciously and unconsciously experienced and manifested in my life is my Spectral aspect. Spectral is my "Cosmic Tone" which is my power to dissolve. How does this play out?

What I find in my behavior as a being with a Spectral tone is that I am always in the midst of change and transformation, stripping away ideas and beliefs that no longer serve me, making space for the new. This power is rarely comfortable but my power to dissolve and release tired ideas and ways of being frees the way for change in my life. My experience is one of highly developed intuition helping me to work well in partnerships to bring new possibilities and ways of being.

I thrive on challenge and overcoming obstacles which are deeply satisfying for me.

Since I am perceived by others in seeming to be surrounded by chaos and volatility, others can find me hard to trust or even downright dangerous.

How I have handled my Spectral tone is by moving through change and dissolution with grace and understanding. I have accepted that not everyone can live with the level of dissolution that I can so I live my life as my own best ally.

As I continue to worm my way down the rabbit hole, I continue to confront those belief systems that no longer serve me. It's a trying process because I really believe my own press!!!

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