Spirit Has Always Been Here For Me

I realized that Spirit has always been here for me, provided for me, loved me, protected me and guided me. Spirit has taken care of me in every life experience. I never saw this or understood this until later in life but now I know. How do I know, you ask? Whenever I recognized the hand of Spirit by being appreciative, grateful and thankful, Spirit gave me more to be happy for. I feel Spirit's presence. I experience the abundance of Spirit in the real world. I would say it's called counting my blessings.

Has it been hard work to achieve my dreams and have I experienced the grueling ups and downs of life? Indeed but I don't blame Spirit for the challenges in my life, I thank Spirit for those challenges for I know that Spirit moves things in non-linear ways.

I know Spirit's voice and I know Spirit's ways and because of this knowledge, I trust and listen to Spirit. I have become Spirit's emissary and therefore my connection with Spirit is tight.

I suggest that if you want to better your life, connect with Spirit. How does one do this if one is very disconnected from Spirit? The first step is to acknowledge Spirit and believe Spirit is real. That's a major hurdle for most people who are not aware especially in these times where most worship money and material things. The next step is to go within and stop your mind chatter through meditation that allows the voice of Spirit to come to you. The third step is to go into nature and commune with Spirit there so that you become familiar with and get to know Spirit.

There is Spirit in everything including yourself. Begin to pay attention to Spirit as you practice the steps outlined above.

Spirit will come to you because it's already there. It's you that must open up to Spirit if you have not already done so. Once you let Spirit in, it will always be there for you. There are many names for Spirit: God, the Universe, the Cosmos, Jesus, etc. They are all the same. Don't get hung up on a name. That's called glamor or Maya.


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