Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Some Spiritual People Call Me An Illusion

Many on the spiritual path call my human existence an "illusion" referring to the fact that my persona/psyche/ego isn't real or as real as my Spirit, my soul. I understand what they're referring to but I don't like the term "illusion" because it has a negative connotation and more importantly, it diminishes the role of my physical avatar which I perceive plays a significant role in my Cosmic awakening.

My perception is that my physical self IS real and not an "illusion." I have created my physical avatar for the express purpose of teaching my Spirit, my soul, valuable experiential lessons that I chose to learn from. Mt physicality may be a hologram, it may be impermanent but it is not an "illusion." My body is my Spirit, my soul in a slower vibratory frequency that becomes matter so that I can be actionable in the dense, 3rd Dimensional Earth program I inserted myself in.

I am conscious of why I'm here. I know my purpose. That purpose is not an "illusion." Perhaps the more appropriate word is ILLUSIVE meaning that I can never really define who and what I am. What I am is a mystery. It is mysterious but I am not deluded when it comes to my real essence and nature which is Spirit.

I know, I am aware of the impermanence of my bodies as I create them from lifetime to lifetime and the permanence of my Spirit, my soul as I move on the continuum of existence.

My greatest teaching is realizing that I am Spirit having a human experience while I am having that human experience and this is no "illusion."

It is illusive because my sensate self cannot see it and because my spiritual Self is just borrowing it for a short interlude.

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