Friday, September 8, 2017


I just heard a man on the news in Florida say that what his town, his grocery store looks like with the approach of hurricane Irma is "post-apocalyptic." This is very prescient, albeit unconscious on his part, because we ARE in the final years before we as a species and the Earth herself shifts completely into a higher dimensional reality that leaves behind all the old social structures that no longer serve the human species. To many, this will feel like the "end times" because they have been brainwashed by their religion to see this change for the better as something bad and as the harbinger of the "Second coming." I'm afraid that there is no such thing as the "end times" or a "second coming" as it has been painted by religion.

For those who are NOT raising their consciousness to a higher level, an expanded awareness to match where the Earth's vibrations are shifting to, living on Earth will feel "post-apocalyptic." Old energy will be a thing of the past where ego reigned supreme. What will be the dominant vibration on Earth will be unity consciousness catalyzed by God consciousness. All of our traditional systems such as religion, government, education, banking, media, military, police, food production, etc will exist ONLY in service to human beings, NOT to their detriment.

This is real, this is happening. We are definitely in the "end times" but it is not the scary, negative event that religion has painted it as. It is the end of old energy that used human beings for someone else's aggrandizement. That paradigm is ending.

Be ready. Be prepared. It's going to feel "post-apocalyptic" but will actually herald in a time of greater human happiness and not fear.

Bye bye fear!!!

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