Sunday, September 10, 2017

Only A Very Small Part Of Me Is Here

In being in human form here on planet Earth, only a small piece of who I am is here. Most of me is on the other side. Most of my soul-force is hanging out in other dimensions. That being said, I continue to raise my Light quotient, that is, I continue to bring in, connect with that part of me that is on the other side. How do I do this and why is it important?

I continue to expand my soul-force, increase my Light quotient, bring in that part of me that is on the other side by practicing meditations, powerful affirmations, living in loving-detachment, doing random acts of kindness, reading sacred information, loving myself unconditionally, showing and being appreciation, gratitude and thankfulness in all situations on a daily basis, staying away from negativity and low vibrational anything and everything as much as possible, loving others unconditionally, staying awake to my soul, my Spirit, parenting my ego, eating live foods and knowing that what I'm doing is the right path for me. All of this is important because it helps me to see the true nature of reality that I am Spirit having a human experience that I chose. I accept responsibility for my actions under the influence of Cosmic Laws. I remain in high awareness and that perspective helps me appreciate the life I am living.

Being in human format, I can contain only so much soul, so much Spirit. My physicality can only tolerate so much light. I Work to contain and be as much soul-force, Spirit as I can be, knowing that my job is to realize and be Spirit in form. See what I mean?

Being Spirit in form is the name of this game not just as a matter of operation but as a matter of being aware of Self.

I am aware that my form is contained in Spirit.

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