Saturday, September 9, 2017

My Arrival Here Is My Choice

How did I get to Earth? What motivated me to come here? These are questions that I have had answered by my spiritual guides and by my own realizations by going within and listening to my Higher Self and outer research through 40 years of contact with spiritual adepts, gurus, books, seminars and websites.

I am not one of these beings who travels in a space ship. I move through the Cosmos on a vehicle called thought. I get called by the "God" of a particular Universe and I always answer the call. My motivation is to serve.

I am not from another planet like many who have come to Earth and are here now. I am from a Light realm far, far away in consciousness from the consciousness of Earth. Earth is a three-Dimensional planet moving into the fourth and fifth dimensions as we speak. I am from a Light  realm that goes beyond the fifth dimension and operates in the eighth dimension and beyond.

I am sure you can imagine what it's like for an eighth Dimensional being to live on a third Dimensional planet. It's quite an adjustment as I have none of the ego qualities inherent in the human race of 3 D. Yet, I am here and have been here for millennia in service to the Creative Source Infinite Intelligence and to Gaia in assisting in bringing greater God consciousness to both the planet and its inhabitants.

This God consciousness has nothing to do with religion. It is the awareness that God is in everything and that all humans share this living force whether they are aware of it or not. This is the essence of my presence among you. I carry the presence of God consciousness in my vibration. I am not a holier-than-thou being. I am a Being who has made the free-will choice to be among you to show you that being God in human form is natural.

Be God now. It's your choice but you are it anyway. It's a matter of accepting and allowing yourself to be God now. God is very big so you're not going to be all of God, just a piece but God nonetheless.

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