Sunday, September 24, 2017

Living Is Hard, Dying Is Easy

It's living that's hard, not dying. Dying is the easy part. Why is that? From my perception, most people never live but they certainly do die. "Wait a minute," you say. "I'm alive and living." Yes, you may be alive but that's not the living I'm talking about. The living I'm talking about is being your authentic self, being all of who you are with your own, original being. Hard to understand, even harder to explain and most difficult to do. Let's see if I can explain this being alive.

What I believe being truly alive is is feeling your thoughts, emotions, body and Spirit as you go about your daily life. You are truly engaged with all you are, not taking who and what you are for granted, not taking anything for granted as in being numb to life as if you're going to live forever. Living is being in the present moment with a mindfulness that makes everything more colorful, more tasty, more enjoyable, more pleasurable. You are there in that moment savoring the experience no matter how mundane or grandiose. That's living and it's hard. Dying is highly overrated.

How do we achieve this state of being alive? Here's what I have found gets you there:

1. Meditate daily.

2. Go regularly into nature.

3. Eat only foods that are alive. Nothing processed.

4. Read sacred texts.

5. Use positive affirmations and mantras and live them.

6. Fast.

7. Forgive yourself and others.

8. Release negative thoughts.

9. Relinquish gossip.

10. Live for today.

11. Show charity.

12. Be appreciative, grateful and thankful for your connection with Spirit.

Create a life that brings you back to your Self, a Self that is vibrating at a more loving, peaceful, happy and unified level. When you practice these things, you will find yourself living, really living and realize that while it's hard, it's worth all the effort.

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