Life Speaks To Me And I Listen

As I listen to life, it speaks to me. Yesterday, I visited Lovell Canyon which is 45 minutes outside of the Las Vegas metropolis and is one of the most peaceful areas I go to for refreshing my being. It knows when I am coming. It waits for me. It likes me. It also talks to me. How does it do that?

Life speaks to me in many ways and when I am out in nature, it engages me through animals, wind and clouds among other things. Yesterday, it spoke me through several dragonflies, lizards, crows and clouds that visibly crossed my path. Each of these animals and the clouds had a message for me.

To me, these are omens and I must pay attention. They are not for nothing. Seeing the crow means that truth is going to be exposed to me soon. I will soon learn something really important. Perhaps I was learning in that time I was out at Lovell Canyon. The fact that several lizards scurried across my path is an omen that my work is blessed by the divine powers. Seeing several dragonflies near me is an omen of nature's blessings and a reminder that life does not end here. I am immortal and I should never give up. The clouds I saw seemed to stay right above me, hovering as if they were staying with me, enjoying my company. I took it as a sign that the ethereal elements were looking out for me.

In my realm, everything is alive and everything has a message. I have learned to know when life is talking to me and as it does, it reveals information and answers to questions as well as problems.

This is an awareness level and I find most of my fellow humans asleep to these messengers, to life as it speaks. They don't believe anything else has life or intelligence but them. It's funny that they think that way since they don't even realize they are not even aware of being in a reality where everything is alive. 

Open your eyes and you will see that everything is alive. 


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