Monday, September 4, 2017

I Work Closely With Spirit

It took me a long time to come to the place of working directly with Spirit and accepting that I, too, Am Spirit. I had to go through religion, gurus, limiting belief systems, doubt, hesitation, fear and cognitive traps to finally arrive at the place where I am not blocking Spirit's desire to commune with me as well as bring me all that I desire. This is not an ideation, a belief, a prayer or something out of a religious text. It is a real, palpable, every day relationship with Spirit. What is the meaning of this?

The meaning of this is that Spirit is a natural, every day blessing that is an inherent part of who and what we are as humans and not some esoteric mumbo jumbo. It is not anything material although it is that which manifests all human desires. It is a paradox that the human mind cannot decipher mainly because Spirit is non-linear, non-rational and does not think like a human.

The biggest discovery for me about Spirit is that I am Spirit in form not form in Spirit. I am not different from or separate from Spirit. What is in Spirit is in me. My experience of being in form is not a limited experience of suffering. It is an experience where I have learned how to be Spirit while in form. To be Spirit and form at the same time. See what I mean?

Learning how to be Spirit while in human form is the quantum leap of a lifetime. It is that single thing that any human will do in a lifetime that is of the utmost significance in my estimation.

The reason this is so important is because it shows you that you can be Spirit while it is in its densest form, the human form. You can manage Spiritual realities like instant manifestation of material and the bringing about of form to your will.

This may seem far fetched to most of you but it is my reality. I live this and am learning how to be more skillful in allowing Spirit to be in my life.  It took me waking up and seeing it in my life. It's not the mystical, mysterious thing you may think it is. It's as every day as thinking what you need and it appearing in your reality.

Simple. Go do it. I vouche for it.

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