Friday, September 8, 2017

I Have No True Purpose But To Be

I, unlike many humans on planet Earth, have no true purpose here. My mission is simply to be who I am. You might think, "well, that's easy enough, just be yourself." While you have a point, you must also realize that you have to understand who you are to be who you are because when you incarnate, you forget who you are. So, for me, it's been a remembering of who and what I really am and being it.

That being it, being who I am, is my "purpose." However, I am a Being, NOT REALLY A PURPOSE  because I am here only to hold my vibrations of Love, wisdom and healing. My presence IS my mission, my doing.

All my life, I have become more and more aware that I am a Being of Love, wisdom and healing but the idea is to BE it not just say or realize it. To get to the point of being aware of who and what you are is one thing but to behave as who and what you are in a ego structured world without being egotistical, is another.

How does one manage not to become defeated and egoic and remain a Being of Love, wisdom and healing amidst all the ego insanity? I practice loving-detachment which helps me maintain a state of grace. This took me a long time to come to and took lots of practice. My ego still gives me its opinion but I am at the point where I can override its bellicosity. I learned how to restrict my ego's desire for things like revenge, vanity, jealousy, envy, domination, judgement, control and approval, etc. My ego is still a part of me but it does not rule me, it does not call the shots.

In my being in control of my ego, I am in a state of grace where I can be Loving, wise and healing. I can be who I really am. My purpose is not to be ego driven, it is to be the Vibration of Love. The ego is not the Force of Love. The ego is the Force of Self-importance, Self-righteousness, Personal History. The only kind of Love the ego has is Love for itself above all others. See what I mean?

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