I Believe I Have Been Gifted In My Life

I have been gifted in my life from the personal gifts of my self, my talents and abilities to my family, friends, experiences, great health and material abundance. As I see them as gifts, I continue to receive more gifts. This perspective on life, I feel, is very important because it allows me to see life as an experience of love. The more I love life, the more it loves me. It's a symbiotic relationship. While it is difficult to never take things for granted, I have always made it my business to show reverence for life and I can see that life feels this from me by how life has treated me. This feeling becomes a reciprocal thing and it keeps me engaged with life with a sense of respect, awe, happiness and peace.

I can tell you that this is real, it is alive and it is palpable. As life leans into me, I lean into it. I mold it with intention and it molds me with the same. There is no "bad" for me. Yes, things can be difficult from time to time but I see my living experience as a gifting from Spirit.

My perspective moving forward is that everything will be OK. This is a gift that has helped me to diminish anxiety, worry, anger, frustration and resentment.

Perhaps, on this day, you too can see your life as a gift. No matter what you believe of yourself, you are here for the good. Concentrate in your life on being that in the respect that all you touch is added to not detracted from. Bring your gifts to every experience with every being.

Add your gift to the world. You have many.


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