I Am In The Angelic Realm Every Day

The "signs" that Angelic beings are around me are seeing feathers around me, usually multiple times, scents, hearing someone call me when there's no one there, feeling stared at when there's no one there, being touched while I am asleep, appearance of Angels in my dreams, sychronicities and seeing the same numbers on digital clocks over and over again.

This is my experience everyday and I didn't fully realize and appreciate that I was IN the Angelic realm everyday until I was recently saved by an Angel from falling and seriously hurting myself. The experience of my falling was that I was in the momentum of going down when something assisted in stopping my fall. There was no one there. I stopped in mid-fall. I thanked my Angelic friends.

I have come to fully awake to the fact that I am IN the Angelic realm and that these beings are with me in every way, shape and form and they have ALWAYS been with me. I just didn't allow myself to fully see this, be aware of it and appreciate it. Now I do. What is the significance of this?

The significance of this as I perceive it is that none of us are ever alone. We have spiritual guides and helpers with us all the time and we can call upon these beings at a moment's notice. They are always loving and supportive.

This perception is to help us understand the reality of our existence as so much more than physical especially while we are having a physical experience. That is, to me, the true key to a spiritual path: knowing that I am indelibly connected to Spirit all the time while I am in my physical body. Never separated from Spirit, ever. Remembering that, I too, am Spirit, right here, right now.

Being in the Angelic realm is not mystical. It is a part of my every day experience and I experience the Angelic realm every day. When I connect with Angels, I acknowledge them with appreciation, consideration, gratitude and thankfulness. What happens is that they are even more HERE with and for me.

I know the Angels and they know me. Powerful.


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