How To Tell If You Are A Presence Or A Force

Souls play on different playing fields. Some souls come into form/format and their avatar experience is one of Presence, while other souls have a Beingness experience where they are a Force. What's the difference between the two and why should you understand this?

As I perceive and understand the main difference in Presence and Beingness, those who are souls experiencing Presence see their Spirit and Spirit in general as "out there somewhere" while those experiencing Beingness see themselves as Spirit, that is, for them, Spirit is "in here" and they are felt by others as a Force. Souls who experience as Presence are in separation consciousness that does not perceive that they are Spirit having a human experience. To them, they are still working on connecting with Spirit and ultimately realizing and being Spirit. Their Spirit sees them as the same: over there somewhere, not connected with and to Spirit. Those souls with Beingness have made the quantum leap in their soul journey to see and then be the Spirit they are. There is no separation consciousness in those with Beingness and Spirit sees and has an intimate connection with them. You could say that those with Beingness are Spirit's emissaries. They are conscious body of Spirit.

All souls are moving forward in the Comic Spiritual journey of soul awareness expansion. Some day, souls who experience as Presence will grow to the awareness of Beingness; they will be a Force. They will do this through their experiences as their avatars when their limiting ideas/beliefs fail them and they become more aware that they are responsible for their limiting beliefs and that their limiting beliefs have done just that, limited their soul growth.

Please rest assured that this information is not about comparison for competitive reasons. There is no better or worse in this information. This is not a game of spiritual one-upsmanship. It is presented here for understanding, knowing and enlightening purposes only.

This information is not out of a book. It is out of awareness and the perceptions of experience as seen on planet Earth as it relates to soul growth (awareness expansion) and limiting beliefs.

We limit ourselves, we decide to be unlimited. The choice is given to all.


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