Electric, Cosmic Explosion

This morning, an internal, electric, cosmic explosion rocked me awake. At first, I was alarmed because I thought that, perhaps, I had a stroke. No stroke as I am completely fine. The experience was a loud thunderclap and a bright orange-yellow internal explosion, internal meaning inside me, in my mind and body. I came to discover that electrical, cosmic waves are hitting the Earth right now. What does this mean?

It's an upgrade of our entire human system similar in scale to how, to give you a visual, in the Highlander series, there could be only one immortal and when an immortal bested his callenger by beheading him, he would receive a huge electrical charge from the skies into his body. This is happening to everyone on Earth right now. Many are still not aware enough to be sensitive to this experience and more and more people can feel it when it happens. It is happening.

What is the after effect? For me, It feels so good, so energized, so different to have had this Cosmic electrical rewiring. I feel the upgrade. My Light body is in overdrive. I look forward to how my Higher energies will attract more abundance and manifestation into my life.

For those of you who have not experienced this, rest assured it's very real and if I am going through these upgrades, you are too you since we are all connected.


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