Dreams Are Real Like Your Body

While most people on Earth believe dreams are just thoughts we have when we sleep, the exact opposite of this is the truer aspect of dreams. From my experience, research and studies over a lifetime, that's over 40 years of study, I am now aware that dreams are as real as the body and environment we experience when we are awake. There is, I discovered, by investigating my dreams, no difference between being awake, daydreaming or being asleep and dreaming. Being awake is also a dream. Let me explain.

What we call wake and asleep are states of reality in which our transceiving brains pick up signals, stimuli from the different dimensions that exist right next to our field of influence. Scientists call these realities right next to us dimensions or parallel Universes. When we sleep, our conscious mind is switched off and our subconscious mind comes to the fore. This part of our mind can transceive higher, different frequencies or dimensions as there is no rational filter in our subconscious as in our conscious minds. By the way, your mind is not IN your brain!!! Your brain receives stimuli from the field of all possibilities, from other dimensions which is in everything. Your entire body receives "mind" from other dimensions. The aspect of your body that receives "mind" are your chakras and your aura. Whether you are awake or asleep, you are dreaming. This dreaming is real. You believe your body when you're awake is real, right? So is your body in your dream. How is it that you can feel, think, see, etc. in your dreams? It's because it's another level of reality that you are perceiving and your dreaming body is as real as your waking body.

For me, I pay attention to my dreams, as they are a real phenomenon that I am experiencing just like I experience when I'm awake. My dreams teach me, inform me, warn me, help me. I am with my deceased loved ones in my dreams. I am also in different realms, on different planets and experience different Consciousnesses. All as real as my waking body and life.

When I go to sleep, I am not really going to sleep. I am going into parallel Universes where I meet people, have experiences and do many of the things I do in my waking time except that I am in my dreaming body and it does not have the constraints of my so-called rational mind. So, for example, I can fly, go back and forward in time, relate with those who are deceased and many other things.

Dreams are real and I continue to be informed by them. They never lie.


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