Saturday, September 23, 2017

Don't Go By Words, Go By Your Experience

From my current experience on Earth, mostly everyone I encounter goes by words and discounts experience, as in, they discount how they feel. What's weird to me is that how we feel is the more true measure of the experience and what we learn from it. Yet, we have many on Earth pointing their fingers in books, parroting what someone said and believing those words are their experience when it was the experience of someone else. I do have some sovereignty, don't I or am I just a collection of someone else's feelings that they put forth in words. I'm a human, not a parrot!!!

For me, I engage new experiences willingly and I look for my and Cosmic truth in those experiences because they reflect who I am and what Cosmic intent is up to. Pointing my finger at some words in a book tells me nothing because they are not my words, not my experience. Don't get me wrong as I read a great deal but as I share words with you, I have already received, continue looking for experiential corroboration of the veracity of the words. It's not the words. It's how they make me feel. When I say feel, I mean how are they shaping my reality and are the words shaping my reality as a reflection of my pure intent, are they truthful?

What about how I feel? Do I know how I feel? It's OK to use others' words to express how I feel, how I believe, how I think when I find that their words crystallize much better any words of my own I could have used to express a feeling. However, I am careful in not being too dependent on others' words so that I know what I feel about things.

To me, keeping the power in your word is critical to a more enriched life especially now that most people have relinquished the power of their word. Words are cheap today. It's difficult to believe what people say. I believe in the power of my own words because they come from my experiences and how I feel.

I don't repeat words from some book somewhere. I connect to Spirit and I experience first hand the word of Spirit. That's my experience and I think I'll stick with that.

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