Wednesday, September 20, 2017


The disconnection from ourselves and Mother Earth that us humans have engendered has now come home to roost. From my perception, everything on Earth that is happening right now as I write this, from the hurricanes to the wars to the earthquakes to the starvation is not about natural or manmade disasters in the common understanding of such. What we are seeing is a direct result our human "separation consciousness" that will have us believe that we are not only separate from each other but separate from Spirit. This thinking cannot be further from the truth as we are all connected in the Cosmic Web. The natural disasters, wars, privation, greed, etc. that we are seeing are simply our own energies returning upon us to get our attention that we need to take a new path. These happenings are us talking to us. We are the tempest in the teapot. We are asking ourselves to change and change we will or perish.

How do we reconnect and change course? We have to connect with ourselves first and realize and finally accept that we are Spirit having a human experience and ALL OF US ARE HAVING THIS EXPERIENCE!!! We are all in this Earth experience together, we are NOT separate and we are not separate from Spirit as in God is in Heaven. No, God is NOT in Heaven, God is in us and is us. Once we accept who we really are, we will not treat the planet and our neighbors as "the other." There is no other.

What I do to you, I do to me. What I do to myself, I do to you. You are another expression of me. The Earth is an expression of me. All that is happening today that is wipping out humanity is a critical message from Spirit (ourselves) that we get reconnected. Stop harming the Earth, stop harming your neighbor. Stop acting like Spirit is out there when it's inside you.

The true answer to every problem on Earth is reconnecting to the reality that we are all connected to each other and to Mother Earth.

This is very real and not some philosophy. If you don't want hurricanes and wars anymore, start realizing it's you that's creating them. Stop pointing your finger in some book and quoting it or pointing your finger up to the sky. Point your finger at yourself and say "I am."

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