Thursday, September 28, 2017

Beingness Is A Force

To understand and know what " Beingness " is, think of it as a Force. What kind of Force? The Force of how expanded your awareness it, that is, how big your awareness playing field is. For example, there are some Beings whose playing field encompasses only a sphere like Earth, some, a Solar system, some, a Galaxy, some, a Universe and some, a Cosmos. What is the significance of this?

What this signifies is that your Beingness and the playing field it's on determines what you're aware of. You can tell what your Beingness is about by your concerns, what you think, what you believe. Are you concerned with only Earthly issues and are afraid of thinking about Solar, Galactic, Universal or Cosmic issues? For example, some cannot go to a Cosmic Beingness because they have an awareness that, right now, cannot see the relevance, the meaning, the sense of Cosmic issues. Cosmic is a non-compute to them. It causes them to be in fear when they think of Cosmic realities. They are just not there yet in their awareness. They can only perceive what they allow in their playing field. The good news is that all Beings are always expanding and it's up to each Being if it wants to expand its awareness to greater playing fields. Why would we want to expand our awareness?

Expanding our awareness is the nature of our Beingness. It is each of us that keeps ourselves in limitation through our beliefs or expand beyond our limitations by shedding limiting beliefs.This process of expanding our Beingness is something that is a continuum in our spiritual journey. It is, in my perception, the single biggest meaning of existence. If you're not expanding your awareness, you are keeping your Beingness in check and holding back your Force. This Force is what Beings use to manifest and have all they dream of, to be more.

Why wouldn't you want to increase your Force? Why, because it's a scary thing to go beyond what you are!

May your Force be with you!!!

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