As John Lennon Sang, "Nothing Is Real And Nothing To Get Hung About."

"Nothing is real and nothing to get hung about. Strawberry fields forever." John Lennon made an important point when he sang those words now taped for posterity. When I hear those words, I realize there's a paradox there. Nothing is "real" in our identity driven, relative construct of persona/psyche/ego but it's a consciousness construct of third Dimensional density we need and use to navigate this lower dimension we reside in. At the same time, there is a part of us, with us, that exists in absolute reality, with no identity as we experience it in this three Dimensional construct that is the "real" us which is our soul, our connection to Spirit.

In the sense that our persona/psyche/ego is a tool of our soul to assist our soul in navigating this three Dimensional consciousness of identity we're in where we have Self-identity, it is not real and nothing to get hung about, nothing to sweat, nothing to be so serious about, nothing to be so self-important about because it's impermanent. Yet this persona/psyche/ego teaches our soul and aspects of our persona/psych/ego continue with our soul after our soul asks our persona/psych/ego to get off the other words, when we die.

This creates a Paradoxical situation in which we find our persona/psyche/ego real and not real. So, which is it? From my perception point, our persona/psyche/ego is real for the dimensions we are in and we must perceive it as such for our own mental and emotional health, stability and well being.  Now, while within our soul, we know our persona/psyche/ is not as real as our soul in that our souls are permanent, meaning they live forever. The lights don't go out when we die, they go on!!!

The point is that my soul takes on many persona/psyche/egos as it journeys through infinity and my day to day hang ups as a human being are very inconsequential so there's no reason to get sick about these little ego shticks I am confronted with.

Plan: stop your self-importance, drop your personal history, live in the present moment, don't take everything so seriously. Lighten up. Are you the heavy or are you the Light?


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