Friday, August 4, 2017

Your Physical Body IS Your Spiritual Body

Your physical body IS your spiritual body slowed down to a vibratory level that can be actionable in a three Dimensional dense vibrating Matrix. How you treat your physical body affects your spiritual body and perception that when you treat your physical vessel like garbage by eating badly it isn't going to be a great home for your Spirit. Your Spirit has trouble being received by a downgraded physical container.

To gain more clarity and be a greater transceiver of your Spirit it is important to put healthy foods into your body that will give your brain, one of the body's pivotal, physical transceivers, greater mental health.

Here are ten of the best brain foods that will help you eat your way to mental health and thus greater reception of Spirit:

1. Wild Alaska salmon

2. Avocados

3. Blueberries

4. Eggs

5. Dark leafy greens

6. Walnuts

7. Dark Chocolate

8. Tea

9. Turmeric

10. Yogurt

Why do you think monks, yogis, gurus and others who live in the monasteries eat pure foods? I have seen them eat, I have eaten their diets and still do and they contain most of the above foods.

Good mental health is related to good eating more than is given credit. Of course there are other factors such as exercise, environment, heredity, age, stress, job, etc.

Taking care of your physical body as best you can is taking care of your Spirit. The physical body is a transceiver of Spirit.

Nothing can shine through a dirty mirror.

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